Take a walk in a park or spend some time in a garden and your troubles will start to melt away. Studies have shown that weaving greenery into a concrete jungle helps to boost one’s mood, improve creativity and productivity, and even quickens one’s recovery from illness.

Intertwining nature and architecture is not just a matter of putting more plants in an otherwise sterile office, or making room for a small garden in the middle of a condominium. The art of instilling the environment in man-made designs, so that the link to nature is sustained and beneficial, is at the heart of a concept called biophilic design.


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Add greenery to your home to improve your physiological and psychological health.

Biophilla refers to the people's instinctive need for nature. Biophilic design is architecture that fulfills that need.

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The natural elements include skylights, waterfalls, flora and curved lines that resemble nature’s handiwork – are connected and complementary.

Planting the seeds of health

A fine example of such immersion in nature can be found at The Glades at Tanah Merah, a condominium development jointly developed by Keppel Land and China Vanke. In terms of sheer coverage alone, about 40 per cent of the residential property’s grounds are overlaid with lush greenery, making it one of the most nature-inspired homes in the vicinity.

The condominium has also been thoughtfully designed with an array of botanical and water features that are spread throughout the property. A garden terrace located on the second floor of an apartment block allows homeowners to relax outdoors, and includes a tea deck, a lounge terrace and a cosy corner.

You can also keep fit at the Forest Valley and Forest Trail, where big-leafed plants and fragrant species have been chosen to simulate the environment of a rainforest. The foliage includes plants that encourage biodiversity, such as the Dutchman’s Pipe (Aristolochia macrophylla) which attracts butterflies.

For residents who want to get even closer to nature, The Glades at Tanah Merah has an answer for that too. It has a spice and herb garden which parents with young children can use to teach their kids about horticulture. 

the glades, tanah merah, bedok rise, condominium, forest walk, grand waterfall
Stroll through greenery and enjoy the Grand Waterfall and Forest Trail

A way with water

Beyond the greenery, the condominium’s water features are equally diverse and well-integrated into the property. The leisure and play pools and Olympic-length swimming pool are surrounded by other water features such as water curtains and a grand waterfall. The soothing sounds of cascading waters might just help to wash your worries away.

the glades, tanah merah, bedok rise, condominium, swimming pool, forest trail, waterfall
Experience endless swimming pleasure in the Olympic-length Grand Pool

An eco pond and bio-swale with swaying masses of Pennisetum grass and reeds such as cattails also evoke their wild counterparts. If you’re in need of more relaxation, there are also several outdoor spas in different settings, including a Forest Spa that combines the best of blue and green design.

Living in the city doesn’t mean you have to give up on experiencing the wonders of nature. Biophilic design – such as the one at The Glades at Tanah Merah – can bring the environment right to your doorstep, and nature right into your home.