Chinese New Year is just around the corner and you know what that means – it’s time to banish the diet and get ready for some serious snacking on buttery golden pineapple tarts, flaky almond cookies, puffy kuih bahulus, crunchy love letters and yummy fish ball crackers.

If you haven’t stocked your shelves yet and want to avoid disappointing the relatives, stop wasting time and head to Katong this weekend!

Many shops there have already started selling these scrumptious goodies for the festive season. And if you’re looking for something extraordinary, check out these Peranakan goodies you can find only in Katong.

1.      A shop of culinary delights

One of the must-go places in the neighbourhood, for instance, is Glory Catering eatery at 139 East Coast Road. The Chin family behind the business has been selling their Chinese New Year goodies since 1979, and every year their sweet and savoury treats fly off the shelves.

If you’ve got a hankering for buttery-smooth and sweet pineapple tarts, the shop sells both the golden pillow and pineapple-shaped versions.

There are also golden-brown peanut cookies, pale almond ones, love letters, an assortment of crackers, Indian murukus, and, in a nod to Katong’s long-standing Peranakan community, traditional Nyonya delicacies such as kueh bangkit and kuih bahulu

kueh bahulu, egg sponge cake, chinese new year, katong, nyonya

Kuih Bahulu, also known as mini egg sponge cakes.

chinese new year, katong, nyonya, crispy biscuit, egg biscuit

Love Letters, a paper-thin crispy biscuit.

Katong Antique House, peranakan house, katong, joo chiat, peranakan museum
Mr Wee at Katong Antique House (From STB image library) Credit: Afur Wong

2.      A story to go with your treats

To get in your Chinese New Year shopping and learn more about Katong’s colourful history as a home for Peranakan families since the early 20th century, you can also head to Katong Antique House at 208 East Coast Road.

The fully-restored two-storey shop-house pulls double duty as a museum and a shop for all things Peranakan. The owner and curator Peter Wee also sells love letters, butter cookies, sugee biscuits, which are crumbly white treats and other goodies during the run-up to Chinese New Year. 

Mr Wee, who is a fourth-generation Baba Peranakan and president of the Peranakan Association in Singapore, loves regaling curious visitors with tales of the community’s heritage and culture as he guides them through the historical shop-house’s collection of antiques, heirlooms, and traditional clothing. Just remember to make an appointment first by calling +65 6345 8544. 

3.      The one you shouldn’t miss

When in Katong, stopping by Kim Choo Kueh Chang outlet at 109 East Coast Road is also mandatory. The 70-year-old institution in the Singapore food scene is most famous for its Nyonya rice dumplings, but it also whips up an array of luscious and delicious Chinese New Year treats.

Its traditional Nyonya cookies, for instance, includes kueh koya, which is partly made out of green bean flour. Also, the shop is housed in a beautifully restored, pre-war shop-house, so your visit there will be a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds. 

Kim Choo Kueh Chang, east coast road, chinese new year food

Kim Choo Kueh Chang - (From STB image library)

If you’re looking for fun activities for you and your family this Chinese New Year, you can also visit i12 Katong mall at 112 East Coast Road. The shopping centre’s slate of festive creative workshops include calligraphy, flower arrangement and arts and crafts sessions. There will also be drums and lion dance performances on February 3 and 4. While you’re there, you can also pick up more snacks and goodies.

Chinese New Year wouldn’t be the same without the trays and jars of goodies in all of their baked, flaky, crunchy, crumbly and sticky goodness. Get yours early and hide some away for yourself!

Join us at Highline Residences Sales Gallery on 5th February from 2.30pm onwards, as we usher in the Year of the Rooster with breathtaking Lion Dance performance and other cultural activities!