This weekend, explore the eastern part of Singapore on a bicycle. The area has several cycling routes amidst healthy foliage that will take you through scenic views of the eastern coast and eateries where you can take a break and recharge.

If you don’t have your own set of wheels, there are seven easily accessible Park Connector Network (PCN) pitstops along the trails that provide bicycle rental services. You can rent a bicycle and return it to any of the PCN pitstops along the way, so there’s no need for you to backtrack. Once you’re ready to hit the trails, here are some of the highlights along the way. 

1.      Best route for scenic views

One of the most scenic cycling routes in Singapore starts at Changi Beach Park, which boasts stretches of white sand and rows upon rows of coconut trees. From there, you can turn onto the Coastal Park Connector along Changi Coast Road which runs alongside the Changi Airport Runway. Whip out your phone for an Instagram worthy shot of airplanes taking off and landing. 

Sunset at Changi Board Walk (Photo Credit: Vincent Chong)

Changi Board Walk (Photo Credit: Marklin Ang)

Once you reach the end of the park connector, you’ll arrive at East Coast Park, Singapore’s largest and most popular park. You can enjoy a leisurely ride and soak in the coastal breeze, or dismount from your bicycle and try out some of the park’s attractions, including its water sports and Xtreme SkatePark.

2.      Best route for foodies

While you’re at East Coast Park, look out for Parkland Green, a lifestyle and recreation hot spot with eight unique eateries. Sandbank, which offers Western fare such as baked whole lobsters and fish and chips, also has a dipping pool for kids. You can get a table right by the pool so you can watch your children frolic while you enjoy your food.

Bakery and Bar St Marc, a new dining concept from the popular chain of St Marc cafes, offers an intriguing mix of Western and Japanese food, including foie gras burgers, chicken curry rice gratin and the brand’s signature chocolate-stuffed croissant. If you’ve packed sandwiches, Parkland Green also has a green lawn that is perfect for a relaxing picnic.

From East Coast Park, you can cycle along the Bedok Park Connector which has several must-try food stops along the way. One of them is Bedok Food Centre at 1 Bedok Road, where you’ll be able to find the famous Ye Lai Xiang Cheng Tng hawker stall selling hot and cold versions of the traditional Chinese dessert since the 1940s. 

Bedok Jetty (Photo Credit: Vincent Chong)

As you continue along the Bedok Park Connector towards the Bedok Reservoir, stop by the cluster of hip restaurants and eateries near the Tanah Merah MRT Station. The Badoque Cafe at 298 Bedok Road, for example, regularly makes the lists of best halal cafes in Singapore with its blend of America, Italian and Malay dishes, including lamb bukhari, a fragrant rice dish, and black ink risotto.

3.      Best route for nature lovers

After you reach Bedok Reservoir, you can turn right onto the Tampines Park Connector and cycle to Pasir Ris Park, which has a mangrove forest with boardwalks and a three-storey bird-watching tower.

Nature enthusiasts will also find much to love if they continue cycling from the park along Pasir Ris and Loyang Park Connectors, to the Changi Tree Conservation Area. This 200-hectare plot of land is home to some of Singapore’s oldest trees, including several Damar Hitam Gajah trees that can grow to more than 30m-tall and have cauliflower-like tree crowns.

If the combination of nature spots, cycling trails and famous eateries has enticed you to consider a move to the east, consider The Glades at Tanah Merah. What’s more, the Tanah Merah MRT Station just a short stroll away via a sheltered walkway, enhancing connectivity to other parts of Singapore.